Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Just what our little boy is made of...snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails! Jett is all boy for sure when it comes to outside stuff! Although he's teaching Shelby to be right by his side in the action of it all!

Jett LOVES snails!!! I don't know if it was inspired by the movie Turbo which he adores or what? Cause Dad HATES insects (they actually terrify him to death...sooo funny!) But the kids adore finding them and keeping them as their pets!

Jett will name each one, make them a home, and feed them all consistently! For now it makes for the perfect pet for our family!

It's been such an adventure to see Jett grow up so swiftly, expanding his creativity and being such an on-the-go boy! He surprises me with all the curious questions he asks and memories that he seems to remember from way long ago!

We bought the movie Turbo and Jett repeatedly watches it! With his passion for the snails added with the racing cars it sure fits him well! If you ask Jett what he wants to be when he grows up he says a "RACECAR DRIVER"!! As his momma that would fear me so...I see him get behind his bike and drive like a madman and it scares me to death!

Many of our fall days were spent outside exploring! Jett was beyond excited when Grandma T and him found a dead ol' snake on a walk! Grossest thing ever, yet he would carry it in the box below everywhere he went! (He even insisted he had to bring it school with him for show-n-tell! YIKES!) I let him bring him around for a day then we had to have a funeral for him when I explained to Jett what maggots were!

 Perhaps it may have came to be because of Grandma T's pet tarantula Lynnette that she has had for years. Jett enjoys feeding it crickets and watching it crawl around...CREEPY! WE LOVE JETT and all his passion for anything that crawls or slithers!

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