Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Fall arrived, school back in session and a regular schedule began.  Jett will now be finishing up his third and final year of pre-school! CRAZY! I look back when he began his first day there...Shelby was born just two weeks after...boy does time fly! He has been enjoying art, reading, writing, and science!

The month of September was full with several meetings for our future home being built.  I never realized how many details were picked out in building.  So many options to choose! 

Lil' Miss Josie turned the big ONE on the 18th! It was fun to celebrate her big day with the fam! We still adore how her all-time-fav song is Selena G's "Come and Get It!" 
We love to see her groove to that beat! 

At the end of the month I got to go to Jett's school and do a getting-to-know you game with his class!  The kids are adorable and it was so neat to meet them all and interact.  One little girl even gave me a big hug at the end and Jett was a wee bit jealous! That may have added a few points on being a "cool mom!" haha!!! 

The closing of the month we did nothing but organize and clean our home up!  We had rented one for a year and them bought one the next.  4 years went by too fast there! Our home looked like a house after all the decor came down by simplifying the place!  It was now ready to be SOLD!

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