Wednesday, January 8, 2014


 October brought cool crisp air and our new home broke ground!  
It's been fun to see the building process from start to end with the kids! 

My mom babysat the kids so Aaron and I could attend the end of year Vivint party in SLC!  It was fun to see Imagine Dragons of my fav bands!  It was a great evening together.  

Conference weekend was nice.  It was great to hear all the talks and be together as a family!

Fall Break arrived and we went to the pumpkin festival with the fam.  
The highlight there was riding the ponies!

The next day we went on a ride in the razor up the canyon.  The kids loved cruising around up in the mountains while I was yelling, "SLOW DOWN!!" to Aaron the whole time.  

After surviving we went up to Heber to catch a ride on the famous Heber Creeper Spooky train.  Kids had a blast and enjoyed chugging down the tracks and picking out their very own pumpkins at the end!

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